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Yanggu New Pacific Cable Co., Ltd. was established in December 2019, which is a state-owned enterprise approved by the Yanggu County Party Committee and the county government, and jointly funded by Yanggu Jinggang City Development and Construction Co., Ltd., and Yanggu Xingyang Urban and Rural Construction Co., Ltd. The registered capital of the company is 305 million yuan. The company is located at No

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In line with the business philosophy of "customer satisfaction and our pursuit", our company solemnly promises that no matter during the project,
We will respond positively and improve ourselves
Our after-sales service system provides users with timely, considerate and satisfactory services.

1、 How to realize after-sales service

The company has gradually improved the after-sales service system with the after-sales service department as the core. The system includes two parts: the company headquarters
After sales service and office service all over the country. The two departments are directly managed by the sales director and uniformly deployed.
The after-sales service department of the headquarters of the company is composed of 12 people, all of whom have intermediate or above technical titles, and the offices are located everywhere
In large and medium-sized cities across the country, offices are equipped with modern office equipment and more than two people have more than 10 years of wire and cable
Professional technicians with experience. Under the direct leadership of the company's sales director, the office manager has full authority over office affairs
be responsible for.
The company has set up a special 24-hour service line. It can provide response service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. technique
The technical support can fully respond within 1 hour, and arrive at the site within 24 hours to deal with the fault.

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2、 Description of meeting the international quality system certification standards.

1. Our company has passed the ISO9001-2008 international quality system certification and has been earnestly implementing it.
2. Each batch shall pass the contract review to convey the requirements specified in the contract on technology, delivery, acceptance and price
To each responsible department to ensure that the quality of all supplies and services meet the contract requirements.
2. Strengthen the training, publicity and implementation of product standardization, and strictly implement the corresponding verification, confirmation, monitoring and inspection for all products
Inspection, and test standards.

3. Strengthen communication with customers to meet customer inquiries, contract handling and complaints through hotlines, visits and other forms
Opinions, etc.
4. During the internal processing and delivery of the company, the company provides perfect protection to protect the product performance, including identification
Handling, packaging, storage and protection.
5. Every quarter, the Marketing Department will conduct customer satisfaction survey by visiting customers, questionnaire, etc., including production
Product quality, delivery and service. Take measures to strengthen customer satisfaction and adhere to the principle of "customer satisfaction, our pursuit"
Business philosophy.
6. Service response speed
The company has set up a special 24-hour service line. Both the after-sales service headquarters and the service departments of each office can
The response service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The technical support can fully respond within 1 hour, within 24 hours
Arrive at the site and deal with the fault.
At the same time, the inventory and special transport vehicles corresponding to the bidding products are fully available in the spare parts warehouses throughout the country,
Emergency orders can arrive at the site within 24 hours after receiving the notice.
7. Commitment of emergency supply
After receiving the urgent order issued by your company, our company makes the following commitment to the delivery time:
three hundred and ninety-two
For emergency orders, the delivery time is 24 hours after receiving the order (or notice).
The specific arrangements are as follows:
Our company has spare parts warehouses all over the country, which are fully equipped with the products of models and specifications required for this bidding,
Special transport vehicles are equipped.
The company shall immediately notify the office manager of the customer after receiving the emergency order, and the office manager shall follow the order requirements
Dispatch the company's emergency vehicles to the spare parts warehouse to pick up the goods, contact the consignee within 1 hour, and determine the specific place of delivery,
It shall be delivered to the site within 24 hours.
8.Special preferential terms for services
In order to improve the service quality, the following special preferential terms are specially formulated:
1. Free delivery to your designated place
2. Free after-sales service
3. Free technical consultation
4. Provide relevant technical materials free of charge
5. Free technical training and installation guidance
6. Free packaging fee
7. Warranty commitment
Our company guarantees the products provided for 24 months from the date of issuance of the delivery certificate.
During the warranty period, our company will replace the failed products due to raw material defects, manufacturing process and other problems free of charge, and bear the relevant responsibilities
The cost of loss, etc.

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